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Staccato Hoop Earrings - Silver


staccato |stəˈkätō|: adverb& adjective- Each sound or note sharply detached or separated from the others.

These silver hoops (just over 1") are adorned with tiny circlets of electric guitar strings and shiny beads!

-Hand crafted

-Finished with sterling silver ear wires

-Arrives in a reusable organza gift bag with info card

-Shipped using zero waste materials

-A portion of the profits from each sale of High Strung Guitar String Jewelry is donated to Musicians on a Mission(MOAM).

"Our mission is to utilize the power of music to create connection and inspire giving. We raise awareness and funds for local charitable organizations through planned musical events showcasing New Jersey performers. We support the local music community by creating opportunities for musicians to connect, share and make a difference through their music."

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