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Musical Legacy

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Our History Of String Donations

From the start of our journey with a single string to the resonance of countless donations, each string contributes to the unique melody of High Strung Studios.

Your old used strings hold untapped potential. We welcome donations of guitar and bass strings in any size or gauge. All guitar strings can be transformed into something beautiful and we invite you to join us in crafting music-inspired stories of impact.

How To Donate Strings

FAQ About Donating Strings

What types of guitar strings can I donate?

We accept donations of all types and gauges of guitar strings, used and unused. Every string contributes to our artistic journey.

How should I package my donated strings?

Start by removing the twisted (tuning peg) ends of the strings and wrap them up. Sharp ends can poke through a package and be dangerous in the postal system. Place into a plastic or paper bag and send in any type of envelope.

Will I receive anything in return for my donation?

Yes! As a thank-you for your contribution, we'll send you a note of appreciation along with a special discount on our collections. Please make sure to include your email address to receive your discount code.

Can I donate strings from instruments other than guitars?

While we primarily focus on guitar strings, we appreciate your thoughtfulness. Currently, we're dedicated to transforming guitar strings into wearable artistry.