Making Music, Making a Difference.

Since its establishment in 2010, Musicians on a Mission (MOAM) has been committed to making a positive impact through the power of music. Throughout each year, MOAM orchestrates a diverse array of events, ranging from large fundraisers featuring well-known musicians and collaborations to intimate local open mic nights and engaging songwriting contests.

MOAM bridges the gap between musicians who generously volunteer their time and talents and the deserving charities that benefit from their performances. By curating and hosting these musical gatherings, MOAM serves as a pivotal link, ensuring that the melodic gifts of these musicians reach those in need. MOAM takes its commitment a step further by directing the entire proceeds from each event to support local charities striving to make a difference in their communities.

Through its ongoing efforts, MOAM has established itself as a driving force for positive change, using music as a catalyst for social impact. Each year, its vibrant events continue to unite people through the universal language of music and channel the collective generosity of musicians and audiences alike towards local charitable causes.

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