Down Time

Down Time

Hello again! You may have noticed we disappeared for a bit there...

The Spring and Summer were rough. Almost overnight, my bustling studio  (which is celebrating 10 years in business!) became a one-woman show. The daily hustle of running a busy and successful business came to a grinding halt. 

As wholesale orders were postponed and summer art shows and events were cancelled, I found it easy, like so many others, to slip into a place of fear, worry and depression. 

During this time I tried to remind myself each day to practice gratitude. It wasn't always easy. 

But now looking back on the last few months, I am seeing it differently. Yes, it's far from over and the stress and worry are still there. However, I now see the Spring and Summer 'down time' as a blessing. 

I refocused my energy into simple pleasures that most small business owners never have time for. 

I planted a garden. Then I planted another garden! I meditated more and started practicing yoga. I made mask clips and bracelets for essential workers and sent them to hospitals. I played my guitar. I sent random little gifts through the mail to people I care for. 

I sat, peacefully, with my cat and just paid attention to my breathing and his purring. 

I found ways to be more present in each moment than I have been in years. 

I discovered that when I created space in my life the creativity had a chance to bubble up. After that, there were days when I would just throw myself into work, putting all my energy into developing some of my ideas I simply haven't had time to work on. 

As a result of this down time and subsequent creative burst, I have so many new things to introduce to you.

I am grateful to you and to all the wonderful collectors, friends and followers who have supported my business over the past 10 years.

I hope that you and your loved ones have stayed safe and healthy and found new and creative ways to come together through this trying time. 

I look forward to the day when we can see each other again.

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