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You are (K)not Alone Bracelet for Medical Professionals (DONATION)


Send a small token of support to our weary and emotionally drained medical professionals on the front lines.

Each (K)not Alone bracelet purchased will be sent to one of two New Jersey hospitals to be given to a medical professional as a reminder they are not alone. 

High Strung will match each purchase, doubling the outpouring of support in this time when it is needed most.  

-Unisex design

-One size fits all

-Shipping is included

-Add a personal message of support

-NOTE: You will NOT receive a bracelet. You are purchasing a bracelet that will be sent to a medical professional at one of two New Jersey hospitals. 

If you are looking to have a bracelet sent directly to a specific person, please see our Forget Me (K)not bracelet here